Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy Independence Day

Two hundred and thirty six years ago, a group of traitors and rebels signed a piece of paper that stated, in no uncertain terms, that they were going to defy one of the world's greatest superpowers and seize control of their nation's destiny. These men risked their lives in an effort to make the world a better place. They weren't supermen. Many were deeply flawed as human beings, and they certainly made mistakes and compromises that would haunt the former colonies for generations to come. However, in signing that Declaration, they put the entire world on notice.

Over two centuries later, that country still stands. On this her birthday, it is important to remember those scared people who would stand up to an empire that towered over the globe, and showed the world that there was a better way.

The 4th of July is important for more than just America. It's easy to forget that the Declaration was distributed around the world, was intended for mass consumption. It would inspire others to defy tyranny the world over, and was truly one of the bright spots in the history of mankind.

Happy Independence Day, everybody.

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