Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Different Sorts of Projects

So, I'm plotting out two new projects right now--they're working titles are Empire Unyielding and Burn The Skies. A webcomic and a "video blog," neither of which I know how to do. Also, I'm terrible at drawing, so the comic might take a while to get off the ground.

Both are in the planning stage, but BTS is much closer to fruition at this point. We'll see how that goes, eh?


  1. Replies
    1. I've already been reaching out to peeps who I think might be able to help with specific aspects (casting a part or two, discussing how to learn to draw). Right now they're fairly one-man projects, but depending on how things work, I may branch out. Actually, I could think of some useful things that y'all in Chicago might be able to help me with later, if I go down that path...

    2. Lol... only person in Houston that reads this blog and you think I am from Chicago. This is why you are no gentleman born.

    3. Lol, you're handle uses one of my friends' names in it. His last name is Lowe. I think you can understand my confusion.

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