Thursday, 27 October 2011

Armies Looking Forward

So, with the new Necrons coming out, I've been considering hopping on the bandwagon for Christmas. This whole thing has got me thinking about where I'm going with 40k, and what armies I want to collect.

There's still stuff I want for the ol' Kabal and the Hive Fleet, but I can't help but look at some of the other armies.

The Necrons look very cool, but they're missing a few things. Primarily, I'm looking forward to the release of the Stalker. I'll probably decide whether I want to start a Necron army after I see their wave two of models. Moreover, I want a look at the codex, to see whether the rules and fluff are cool enough to justify a collection. I think the models will be, after seeing these guys:
One-eyed Snipers. Don't question the Necrons.
I've been thinking of a lot of list concepts, based on the models. Annihilation barges, destroyer lords, command barges, immortals (with those one-eyed heads). I want to know more details on fast attack--destroyers and Tomb Blades, mainly. I think 3x1 Heavy Destroyers will be a good choice for those of us who aren't feeling the whole Scarab thing, but I'd like to see the next wave of models.

Overall, I need a look at the codex.

Another thing that's looked cool to me since before their codex came out was a paladin-wing Grey Knights army. Draigo, twenty paladins, a vindicare, and an inquisitor grenade carrier.

Come at me, bro!
The last is largely because this is one of my favorite models in the range, and I want an excuse to own him.

I've been interested in Draigo-wing ever since I saw the grey knight paladin models, and it turns out they're rules are actually pretty good as well! I'd buy a few assault cannons to round out my psy-cannon count, and go to town. My list isn't really min-maxed, mainly because the guys I play aren't into that sort of thing, and enjoying a game of 40k means everyone should be aiming for the same level of competition. And 3 units at 2000 points isn't exactly competitive, but it would be a good 2k for my future imperial force.

And that's the other thing I'm thinking about. As much as I'm interested in other xenos, Tau and Eldar aren't what I want right now, mainly due to their age. I think the 6th edition books will be great improvements, and the models should get a nice reboot. And I don't find the Orks all that exciting.

I've got a paint and basing scheme worked out for my Space Marine chapter, and I've yet to buy a single model. It's going to be a massive and most likely costly endeavor, but it's sort of my "Somewhere over the rainbow" project. It'll happen.


Till we see that day, however, I'm faced with some choices. Begin Necrons, Grey Knights, or Space Marines? Or just build up the armies I already have?

Decisions, decisions.

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