Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A bit of painting and storyboarding (and Ben Drowned)

Spent an hour today doing a bit of painting--nothing fancy, just painting flesh-tones on hormagaunts (I use Dheneb Stone). I'll do the carapace next (Dark Angels Green) later, along with some detail work, washes. etc. I think I'm doing orange or orange/black CCW symbiotes, but I'm not sure. I still need to figure that out. But hey, I'm not doing any tournaments any time soon, and I have no compunction about playing with unpainted models. Not that I'm planning on playing anytime soon, either, lol.

I had an idea for a new book today, with a tentative title of "The 5th Contact Saga." I know how the story will be told, I know why it's being told, but I'm not sure what the story is yet. I was hoping to get some writing done after work, but I sat down with my computer, and I realized I didn't know where I was going! Slightly problematic.

I also found the Ben Drowned ARG via TVTropes today. That is some creepy shit, right there. Apparently the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) is on hiatus right now, so I'll need to check back there every now and again.

There will be an A Dance With Dragons review coming up soon. It was an excellent book--to any who have not read A Song of Ice and Fire, I highly recommend it!

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